The Plan

What do you mean, the plan ?

We don’t have a plan.

Maybe we should call that part of the website “serious matters” or something equally intimidating, but since most people usually expect some kind of plan in all things, we’ll stick to the name as it draws the crowds.

The thing to understand about Karaka and crewing on her is that plans and schedules are tentative at best. If you want us to be honest, they are in fact pretty much nonexistent. We go with the flow, we turn back when we feel like it, we stay when it is pleasant and we leave when the next port seem more interesting than the one we are in. Most of the time we don’t know for sure where we’ll be and what we’ll do a few months in the future.  Of course, we organize long crossings in advance so we do not undertake a big passage without the crew being aware of the possibility of it before they come onboard.

As far as schedules go, it is very hard to keep one while sailing. For that reason, we prefer crew members who have no obligations, no set return dates, no return flights, no reasons not to stay in that lovely little island for another two weeks. It makes life for everybody much easier. At the same time we understand that the reality of modern life might be at odd with such an attitude so we always do our best to accommodate.

It was just to say that if you want to come and crew with us you need to be flexible about plans, and especially about schedules.