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Sophie-Charlotte était la meilleure amie d’Emma à l’école primaire. Elle est aujourd’hui auteur de livres à succès pour les entrepreneuses créatives. Vous trouverez sur son site des conseils et exemples de vie pour entreprendre et s’épanouir.
2016 – Micronesia & Marshall islands, Papoua New Guinea, by Nothing Unknown
Michael stayed 7 months with us, from Marshall to Micronesia islands in 2016. He is a passionate photographer and a good stories teller.
2015-2016 – Marquesas, Kiribati, Marshall & Micronesia islands , by Benoverthere 
Ben Sellers is an artist and has two languages he is master : music and feelings. He is blogging since a while, please enter in his world. He stayed 7 months onboard, crossing from French Polynesia to Microcronesia, via Kiribati and Marshall islands.
Emma qui mange
Vue sous-marine
2010-2012-2013 – From Mexico to French Polynesia, by Zackkruzins Zack came many times when Karaka was in the Pacific. He is a great blogger. Here his journeys on Karaka.
2009 – Spearfishing accident in Cuba
Before 2015 : Karaka’s log Karaka’s journeys from 2005 to 2014 
Shaman of Karaka