...The Crew


  • Year of birth : 1967
  • Country of origin : USA
  • Length of stay : 2 months in 2010, a couple of weeks in 2012, 4 months in 2014
  • Nautical miles sailed : 3500
  • Places visited : Costa rica, Mexico, French Polynesia

Greg is a big guy from Texas. He used to work in the advertising section of a leading gay and lesbian newspaper, but following his experience on Karaka he ended up quitting, selling everything and casting off. He came first on the sail from Costa Rica to Mexico. He was so keen on joining the Karaka crew that when we didn’t show sign of great interest in his application, he bought an ukulele, learned to play it, wrote a song pleading us to take him, recorded a video of it, and send it to us. Faced with such determination we had no choice but to accept him, and we haven’t regretted it one bit. Greg also came to visit us for a couple weeks in Mexico. His last visit was in french polynesia, where he came to boatkeep while I was traveling in California with Tara. He stayed a few months after I came back and then took off on another boat for other adventures. He is now crewing on various boats in the western Pacific.

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