...The Crew


  • Year of birth : 1977
  • Country of origin : France
  • Length of stay : 5 weeks in 2009, 5 months in 2014
  • Nautical miles sailed : 2500
  • Places visited : Madagascar, Mayotte, French Polynesia

Antoine met Gwen in France while rock climbing and that’s how he heard of Karaka. He happened to come to Madagascar while we were there so he came on board for a few weeks, before heading for a canyoning season in La Reunion Island. He came back a few weeks later for the crossing to Mayotte. He travels a lot and works tourist seasons as ski instructor and diving instructor. He came back on board in Tahiti in 2014 for a 5 weeks stopover during his world trip but faced with the underwater scenery of the Tuamotus islands he decided to report his departure and stay until the end of that year’s sailing season.

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