...The Crew


  • Year of birth : 1981
  • Country of origin : Australia
  • Length of stay : 3 weeks in 2008, 2 months in 2014
  • Nautical miles sailed : 1000
  • Places visited : Suriname, Tobago, French Polynesia

Aaron is a civil engineer. Just after he finished university, and before taking on the job, he went on a travel binge and caught us in extremis in Suriname and sailed with us to Tobago, before continuing toward Haiti where he went volunteering with an NGO(that was before the earthquake). A few years before that, he spent a year in Thailand volunteering on the building of a 100ft wooden schooner and sailed about 20 miles before the ship sank under him. He came back on Karaka during the second half of 2014 for the trip through the Tuamotus and the Marquesas, sporting a magnificent beard that he eventually sold at auction(!) for charity.

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