Crew Agreement

The fact of having a document of this kind might give a negative impression, because it will necessarily be very formal and you might wrongly assume that we are too. Most of the crew agreement actually doesn’t sound very good, but we don’t see how to deal with those matters by any other way. In some situations such a document is necessary. All those aspects of being part of the crew needs to be brought up, aknowledged and understood so that we can forget about them. This crew agreement has to be an aid to communication and would proves invaluable in the case of troubles. Of course, if you come up with a better way to do this, we are open to suggestions. The basic form of it is copied from other captains and organisations, who have been dealing with those matters for years.

Please read the crew agreement before applying for a crew position.

For the lucky ones who are coming, please print a copy so you can bring it with you.

Click here to download The crew agreement.