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We don’t have a fridge, and depending on the countries and anchorages, we have more or less access to certain products. Sometimes it’s limited to onions, cabbage, carrots, coconut, rice. But creativity knows no bounds, and even with just a few basics, there’s always something to enjoy and surprise.

Here’s a list of ideas and tricks I use in my galley cooking. The goal is for it to be quick to read, to do, and to inspire. Personally, I rarely follow a recipe to the letter; I read it and draw inspiration from what I have on hand.

Some of these ideas are from my imagination, and others are inspired by blog posts (which I’ll cite in those cases).

There’s so much information available online that I won’t cover some basics that are now well-known, like making yogurt, unless I have a specific comment related to the lifestyle we have. I’ll also provide links to sites I find interesting if necessary.

As I’m more inclined to be active in the galley than sitting behind a computer these days, this list is far from exhaustive… but it will expand as we go.

You’ll also find country sheets (coming soon) where I list the main ingredients available at markets/supermarkets, which will give you ideas if you plan to visit those places too.

Bon appétit and fair winds!

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Tanzania, 2021

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