...The Crew


  • Year of birth : 1983
  • Country of origin : Canada
  • Length of stay : 15 months & 2 weeks
  • Nautical miles sailed : 8261
  • Places visited : Tanzania, Seychelles, Chagos, Agalega, Madagascar, Mayotte, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia

Michelle is a forest fire-fighter in Ontario. When she is not frantically trying to catch some fish, she likes to dance, cook, perform magic, write poetry and ponder on anarchist theories, amongst many other things.She was Tom’s girlfriend and first mate but they eventually broke up and she took the opportunity to gain experience and new skills on the tallship Heraclitus where she was second-mate for a while. She eventually left that ship also and now she is sailing in the caribean on a cooking tour.

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