The Dinghies

To get off the boat to shore, we have a fleet of 5 small boats we can use.

The main one, that we call the dinghy, is an Aluminium skiff that we have since Labuan, in July 2018. It is a fishing boat that we row around. It can carry up to 6 people in calm condition. 

The dinghy

Then we have a 3 sea kayaks.

The first one is a proper sea kayak that can be used for long distance paddling, or even big wave surfing, but being thermoformed plastic it is fairly fragile for everyday use.

The second one is a real workhorse, a rotomolded plastic from a company in Tahiti. We use it the most.

The third one is quite small but light. We got it in Kudat, in 2018. 

And then we have a blue plywood canoe we bought in Philippines, in 2017.