My name is Emmanuelle, I was born in Normandy, France, in 1981.

I joined Karaka in december 2014 in Tahiti, having no prior sailing experience. I have now made Karaka my home.

Although I never sailed before, I have covered huge distances in the Paris subway while commuting to my office jobs, working for big corporations in programming and data processing.
When I realized that the subway was taking me nowhere, I decided for a radical change, quit my job and took a plane ticket to Tahiti, planing on traveling the world and focus more on what interest me, such as various art project like painting, lacquering and creating things using various materials and techniques, playing guitar and ukulele, and experiment with new ingredients and savors in the kitchen, something I have always been interested in but so far lacked the time or energy to pursue fully.

emma guitare

After a chance encounter with Tom (we met when I picked him up hitchhiking in the south of Tahiti), I joined as crew, fell in love and eventually settled in long term.
After having sailed across the Pacific, visiting such places as Bikini Atoll and Papua New Guinea, meeting so many incredible people and sharing so many unforgettable moments with them, learning so many new skills and using them everyday, I find the life afloat challenging and rewarding in a meaningful way and I will keep at it for the foreseeable future.
I miss french cheeses but I have gained a life I do not need to take a vacation from, and that is invaluable.

french cheese