Support Us

Karaka is run as a non profit cooperative. All the money received from the contributing crew is used integrally to finance the running and the maintaining of the boat. In order to make it accessible to everybody, we keep the weekly contribution as low as possible, so that people on a budget can afford sailing with us and experience an alternative, community oriented, self-sustainable, low impact seafaring lifestyle.
The downside of all this is that we have only very limited funds available for the long term maintenance costs, for the replacement of worn or damaged gear and for the financing of the various projects of improvement we would like to undertake.

After the completion of the circumnavigation, we have spent about a year to restore Karaka to her former glory. It was hard work and it has completely depleted the boat's cash reserve. We did a lot, but there were some things we couldn't afford to fix or replace.

This page is a shoot in the dark to try to reach anybody out there who might be inspired by what we do and advocate, and who might be interested in sponsoring Karaka or giving us a little financial boost under the form of a donation. Any amount helps.

Here are some of the items we would like to replace or upgrade but that are not within our budget at this stage :
  • New batteries
  • A new dinghy
  • A modern VHF radio with AIS
  • An autopilot for use while motoring
  • An ice machine
  • A new more efficient stove/oven
  • An electric outboard motor

Another thing we could definitely use are old laptops and especially old smart phones and tablets to use for navigation. So if you have unused devices you are thinking of throwing away, please send them to us. We'll distribute any extras we don't need to remote schools.

And if you are short on cash but want to make a gesture, you can also just buy us a beer. That's cool too.

Thank you.